The Different Types of Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting
One of the most cost effective ways to increase your home’s curb appeal is to improve your landscape lighting. Good outdoor lighting designs create atmosphere at the same time that they enhance your home’s security. At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting Services, we know that in Fort Worth, your fun outdoors does not end when the sun goes down.

  • Path and spread lights line your walkways and help to guide you and guests. Typically, the shape of the fixtures directs the illumination towards the ground. If you place the lamps at regular intervals along the entire length of the lane, you increase safety. Spread lights also help to illuminate low-growing plantings.
  • Well lights are recessed into the ground and tend to add drama to your property. Well lights shine upwards to accent specific features of your landscape.
  • Step and brick lights sit within the physical structure of the steps to illuminate changes in elevation. Brick lights are the size of an average brick and thus fit easily among other bricks on steps or decks.
  • Bullet lights have a low profile and typically act as small spotlights that you can use to illuminate your home’s foundation or any area you choose.
  • LED lighting works with long lasting bulbs. They consume very little energy over the lifetime of the lights. LED lighting is available in multi-color options and may be incorporated into a wide range of fixtures.
  • Low voltage lighting refers to the power source for the lights. Since there are fewer watts of power flowing through the wires, low voltage lighting is relatively safer and less expensive to operate than standard voltage lights. Low voltage lights are suitable for any style of fixture and type of light.

Everyone in Fort Worth deserves to enjoy the night sky, so it makes good sense to rely on an experienced Fort Worth lighting company to help you choose the best types of landscape lighting. Call Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting Services at 817-608-0660 to get started with your outdoor lighting designs.