The Importance of Proper Lawn Drainage

Proper lawn drainage is important in order to prevent certain problems. These include foundation issues, soil erosion, soggy lawns, dying plants and shrubs and a generally unattractive yard. Andy’s Sprinkler has been providing outstanding sprinkler and drainage service to its customers since 1987. Here are some devices they can install to prevent and help correct drainage issues:

French Drain

Installing a French drain, also called a weeping tile, may be the best way to prevent a lawn drainage problem in your yard. If your yard has an incorrect slope, or is too flat, water may be improperly directed toward the foundation or pool because it has nowhere to go. A French drain is an underground trench that holds a perforated pump surrounded by gravel. It is used to divert or funnel water away from one area and towards another.

Sump Pump

Sump Pump

Effective lawn drainage may sometimes require additional horsepower in the form of a sump pump. Drainage issues can be particularly problematic if a home is located below water level. A sump pump will pump rain, sprinkler and natural ground water away from a house and into a well or storm drain. A Dallas sprinkler company can install a sump pump in your home.

French drains and sump pumps are two apparatuses that can help properly drain a lawn. Andy’s Sprinkler provides first rate lawn drainage and sprinkler services. We want your yard to drain properly and look great. Contact us today at 214-389-3412 if you need help with drainage or sprinkler issues.