The Importance of Proper Sprinkler Control Box Installation

The sprinkler control box is the “nerve center,” in a manner of speaking of your irrigation system. Depending on how advanced your system is, the box allows you to program the controller in several different ways. If you have a complex controller, it’s very important that you have a professional install it so you can make sure it is programmed correctly and works to its full potential. The experts with Andy’s Sprinkler are well versed in several different systems, so we can not only provide your installation but also teach you how to make your controller work correctly.

Sprinkler Control Box

Sprinkler Control Box, A Truly Advanced Technology

In more complex systems, the sprinkler control box can be programmed to basically do everything except cook your eggs in the morning. It can monitor weather conditions to control watering amounts and times, adjust for the design of your landscape, and even adjust for the growth of your plants. When you call us for your installation, your technician will show you all of the features of your controller and explain how they work. Some of those other features include:

  • A battery backup that allows the controller to maintain your preferred watering schedule
  • Clock an calendar settings
  • Manual switch capabilities so you can check for leaks, broken sprinkler heads and other problems
  • Valve control that keeps water from flowing into the system if a malfunction occurs
  • A rain sensor that shuts the system down it precipitation is detected

Let a professional with Andy’s Sprinkler show you how to use your sprinkler control box to get the most out of your system. Contact us online or call us at 214-389-3412 to schedule an appointment.