The Science of Drip Irrigation

In our world of water conservation concerns and rotating yearly droughts, the concept and application of drip irrigation is recognized by many to be a viable solution for watering flowerbeds, gardens, and lawns. Well designed irrigation systems using drip technology assure less water loss from evaporation, making them perfect for households with water conservation mindsets. Here’s why.

Less Water Consumption

A major advantage of using trickle irrigation is that it’s economical and precise. For example, standard lawn sprinklers typically measure water output by gallons per minute. A drip emitter, on the other hand, is rated on gallons per hour. This is because the water flow is low enough to be absorbed easily into the ground.

With a tuned irrigation system in place, there is very little opportunity for any excess water to run off and become wasted, thereby more effectively watering your lawn.

Less Water Consumption

Superior Water Infiltration

Drip technology is beneficial because exposes plant roots directly to water instead of waiting for the water to permeate the surface. It is especially advantageous during periods of hot, dry weather.

For homeowners, having an Austin sprinkler company bury the drip system under the surface dirt is usually the best choice. This will protect the system from lawn maintenance personnel or any others who are working on your property. This will also ensure that the water dripping from the system reaches the roots as effectively as possible.

Commercial Cost Savings

Businesses that use trickle irrigation, including farms, find that it makes using agricultural chemicals much easier. It is also beneficial for fields or lawns that are oddly shaped or have an uneven landscape—with conventional irrigation systems, it can be very difficult to access all areas of an irregular field. The drip technique allows for better control with almost no pooling or runoff, which equates to less water use and a lower water bill.

Experienced Landscaping Consultants

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