Thinking about installing a pool? Call Andy’s First!

Nothing says “summertime” quite like an afternoon in the pool!  If you are planning on having an in-ground pool installed in your backyard, and you already have (or plan on installing) a sprinkler system, we have a very important piece of advice to pass along to you… 

Call the pros at Andy’s Sprinkler BEFORE your pool contractor breaks ground!  

swimming pool install

In-ground pool installation is not only a lengthy and expensive process, but also destructive to your yard.  Before you start the pool installation, it is crucial to have Andy’s Sprinkler visit your property.  If you have an existing sprinkler system, it is necessary to cap and / or reroute sprinkler lines where the pool dig will take place prior to breaking ground.  Skipping this step will result in the pool dig breaking existing lines, causing expensive water leaks, possible interruption to the part of the sprinkler system that is watering landscaping around the pool dig site, and more expensive sprinkler repairs.

If you are planning on installing a system or are adding new landscaping after the pool build is complete, pre-planning for water line routing will save money and headaches. The pros at Andy’s can coordinate more efficient water line placement with your contractor, saving you money, time, and headaches that typically occur if this step is skipped.

Another great reason to call Andy’s first is to properly plan your pool’s water fill. The water fill line is necessary for an in-ground pool and can easily be tied to your sprinkler system controller so that the water fill can be automated and controlled easily. 

For Texas residents, recent changes by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) now require the installation of a secondary backflow prevention device. The purpose of the secondary backflow device is that it acts as a safeguard between the pool water and the public water supply, preventing the backflow of pool water, chemicals, and other contaminants from entering the public water system.  This is required by state law, and violating this code can result in fines and a legal mandate to fix the violation.

Get Started On Your New Pool Installation

Your tropical oasis is just a few steps away, but having the right people come out and provide you with the best plan of action is key. Time slots for consultations are filling up fast.  Call Andy’s today so that we can help you make your plan a success from the beginning!