Top Questions to Ask an Irrigation Specialist

Top Questions to Ask an Irrigation Specialist
Before you decide to hire an irrigation specialist to work on your sprinkler system, here are a few key questions to ask:

• Are you licensed?

In many states, including Texas, irrigation professionals are required to be licensed to work in that state. Licensing ensures that the irrigator is properly trained, understands the various environmental laws of the state, and can be held accountable for any violations of those laws.

• How do your products or services conserve water?

Water conservation is critical for the environment, especially in drought-prone areas, and can have a significant impact on your water bill.From smart controllers to high efficiency heads and rotors, a knowledgeable irrigation specialist will understand the need to consider water conservation and will be able to educate you on your options.

• What steps do you take that my entire system is running at peak efficiency?

Some irrigators / companies only fix what you tell them to, ignoring other potential issues with your system. An experienced and trained professional will perform a complete system check before, and after your repairs, ensuring that you are aware of any other problems in your system that you may not be aware of. This saves you from having to schedule multiple visits and provides peace of mind that your sprinklers are functioning at peak efficiency.

• What experience do you have with proper watering of my specific landscape?

With countless varieties of plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees, no two landscapes are the same. Additionally, soil types, amount of sun and shade, and slope of the yard all affect how much, how often, and how long your landscape should be watered. A good irrigation professional will know the climate, soils, and common plants for your area, and will be able to properly configure your system to keep your landscape green and lush year-round.

For the best irrigation services in your area, trust a professional that is properly licensed and trained, knowledgeable in the products and services they offer, and go the extra mile to be sure your sprinkler system is properly maintained and configured for your landscape. And if you want answers to all of these questions and more, call Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting! Our licensed and trained sprinkler technicians have served homeowners and businesses for over 30 years. Give us a call at 972-418-6998, and let us earn your trust!