Watch as Poor Irrigation Practices Suck Away Your Cost Savings

Poor Irrigation Practices Suck Away Your Cost SavingsThere’s not many out there who enjoy wasting water or money. First and foremost, water is a limited resource. We cannot waste what we have. In this day and age, more and more homeowners are turning towards environmentally-friendly solutions, such as conserving water and cutting down on waste to help the environment. Furthermore, wasting too much water per month will cost you quite a chunk of change each year. You could spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year on wasted water. Then, there are fines to pay here in Texas.

You’re better off investing in professional irrigation solutions to reduce waste. Here are the main culprits behind your home’s water waste:

Irrigation Systems

For most, overwatering is the biggest culprit. There are a number of ways in which overwatering can become a problem. Namely, your irrigation system.

If you have your sprinkler head adjusted to cover every watering zone evenly, then you’re golden. But if there are low spots in your lawn, water may pool and saturate the ground. With high ground, you have increased runoff. The system should be designed to accommodate for these areas.

A smart irrigation system can address such issues by adjusting your watering schedule based off the local temperature, rainfall levels, and landscape.

Sprinkler Mishaps

If you have an old or cheap sprinkler system, they are likely to divert over time. You’ll then endure uneven watering. Even a high-quality sprinkler system will eventually shift and settle into a new place. It’s crucial that you examine your system on occasion and adjust each head accordingly.

Furthermore, your sprinkler system is liable to break and leak over time. The sprinkler head itself is the biggest concern here. Whether due to damage or normal wear and tear, a leak will waste countless gallons of water per year. You can watch for a leak or break by checking for the signs. These signs include pooling water, erosion, runoff, and puddles. If you spot any such issues, replace the sprinkler head, stem, or wiper seal – whichever is causing the problem.

If you’re wasting money on a broken irrigation system, call Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting for a solution that benefits both you and the environment. Give us a call today to schedule expert irrigation services in DFW!