Water Restrictions & Your Sprinkler System

As homeowners prepare for another hot and humid summer, they have to keep in mind the water restrictions in their city. Long days and high temperatures can turn even the greenest lawns brown. To conserve water, cities have approved local water restrictions.

Water restrictions affect every aspect of your water use, from the amount of time you spend in the shower to the number of loads you put through the dishwasher. Your city may also have restrictions on how often you water your lawn and set a specific time for you to turn on your sprinklers. If you don’t follow local water restrictions, you may be forced to pay fines and higher prices for city utilities.

To adhere to local water restriction and make the most of your current sprinkler system, follow these tips to use less water.

  • Set A Timer – If your city set specific days and times for you to water your lawn, a sprinkler timer can help you comply with government regulations. Simply set the timer for the hours your sprinkler system should work and watch your lawn come back to life!
  • Use A Rain Gauge – A rain gauge can help you regulate your water use. They are available at most home and garden stores, and once they’re installed they will gauge the amount of precipitation in the soil. With an effective rain gauge, you’ll know how much water to use to keep your lawn green and vibrant.
  • Hire A Professional – If your sprinkler system is not functioning properly, you need to hire professionals. The irrigation experts at Andy’s Sprinkler Drainage and Lighting can diagnose and repair any sprinkler system problem. If you need experienced sprinkler repair specialists with decades of industry experience, we’re ready to help.

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