Waterproof Your Basement With a Drain Tile System

If you have increased your living space with a beautifully finished basement, you will want to protect your investment by making sure it is not damaged by water seepage. The most effective method of safeguarding your home is to divert overflow away from the foundation and prevent problems before they start. Our team of professionals at Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting can install a drain tile system to waterproof your basement and avoid the harmful effects moisture can cause to the structure of your house.

What Is the Drain Tile Method?

The drain tile method, also called a French drain, is a downward sloping trench filled with a system of pipes surrounded by small gravel. Instead of collecting at the base of the foundation, surface and subsurface water pass through the gravel into the perforated pipes. The flow empties into either the street or a drainage ditch.

Why Is Drainage Needed in Dry Conditions?

When rain is rare, the ground becomes hard and less able to quickly absorb moisture. Without a drain tile system, a downpour can cause flooding and pooling. If land slopes towards your house or if drainage cannot keep up with the heavy flow, this excess moisture remains at the base of your home, seeping through the foundation and threatening the integrity of the structure, both inside and out. By diverting the overflow, you protect your investment and also discourage dangerous mosquitoes from collecting on your property.

What Should Be Considered in Installation?

Proper installation is critical, as poor planning will cause problems rather than solving them; a drain tile system that is not designed for the landscape will be ineffective. Our trained technicians at Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting will carefully evaluate your property and determine the best method to divert water from your home. You can rest assured it will be done professionally so that you can enjoy the protection it affords for your basement and foundation. Call us at [phone] for an appointment to discuss your drainage needs.