Where to Place Landscape Lighting

Where to Place Landscape LightingYou put significant effort into your landscaping to make it look amazing. But then the sun sets, and no one can see your hard work. That’s where low voltage landscape lighting has a chance to shine. It will make your beautiful landscape visible in the dark, and it can do so much more. Properly placed lighting will transform the entire area, so the night landscape is just as wonderful as what you see during the day. To get started thinking about great landscape lighting, the experts at Andy’s Sprinkler, Lighting, and Drainage encourage you to consider these five places you never want to leave in the dark.

1. Along Paths and Walkways

Path lighting is a natural choice for your landscape, but there are a few recommendations we will always make. If your walking path is straight, it’s best not to line it with lights. That creates a grid, and it destroys the natural flow of the lighting.

A winding path can simply be lined with lights, and it will look good. But for straight paths, a little creativity will solve the problem. We can use alternating lights and shadows (or a number of other techniques) to craft an aesthetic that will exceed your expectations and keep your landscape stunning.

Regardless of what you choose, pathway lighting is a great way to lead the eyes around the landscape. It’s also functional and can help you walk safely after dark.

2. Lighting for Outdoor Living

An outdoor fireplace, deck, water fountain, or other detail that’s unique to your landscape deserves attention. The fun of working with lighting professionals is that we can show you different ways to put light on your features to create wildly varying visuals in the landscape. We can highlight a tall feature by placing a bullet light at the base. Or flood lights can be used to accent larger features and to create interesting silhouettes.

For decks and seating areas, step lights, well lights, and in-ground lights will help illuminate specific aspects of your outdoor living. Creating ambiance, while maintaining safety and evening visibility, can be accomplished in so many ways that the combinations for your landscape are practically endless!

3. Pools and Water Features

If you have a pool or water features, well designed lighting will bring out the natural brilliance and reflection of water. Most pools have some form of underwater lighting, which is usually installed during the pool installation. However, the patios and decks surrounding pools can also benefit from in-ground lighting to help illuminate walkways around the pool and frame the pool shape itself.

A variety of lighting options are available to accent other landscape water features. Because no two yards are the same, neither should the lighting design. The experts at Andy’s will work with you on a landscape lighting design that best first your outdoor space and personal taste.

4. Plants and Trees

Plants and trees are certainly beautiful components to any well-designed landscape, but don’t forget about them at night! When properly lit, the plant life in your yard can activate your landscape at night with interesting shadows and the outlines of leaves and branches.

For those who like simple elegance, strategically placed flood, wash, and area lights can transform a previously dull space. As an example, a wash light is placed a few feet away from the plant(s) to cast a large area of illumination that will highlight on shrubs, bushes, and flowers. The same technique can be used with bullet lights for trees, where the light shines up into the branches, creating a magical play between light and shadow.

5. Walls and Barriers

If your home has attractive wall structures – such as retaining walls, stone structures, or wing walls – lights can be installed both in front of and on, the structure itself. From wash and step lights to post and sconce lights, there are numerous ways to highlight various structures of your home and yard.

Those are five places that need great lighting in pretty much any landscape. Well-designed landscape lighting can add safety, security, and aesthetic appeal to your home, and accent the investment you’ve put into your landscape. At Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, and Lighting, we can help you with all of your outdoor low voltage lighting needs. We’ll custom design a lighting system according to your landscape and personal taste. We’ll help you consider the various elements of lighting and what each does for the landscape. Then we’ll install all of it professionally, so you don’t have to worry about quality, safety, or longevity. 

Contact us today online or call us at 972-418-6998. We can get started planning the lighting with you, and together we will turn your landscape into a truly magical environment.