Why Use a Sump Pump?

Home ownership can sometimes be stressful. There are many things that can go awry in and around your home. One of those troublesome issues is poor water drainage. Sitting, or stagnant, water in the lower part of your home and in your yard can cause a multitude of health and structural problems as well as compromise the health of your yard. In these cases, sump pumps are often required to remedy the problem.  At Andy’s Sprinkler, your Dallas sewer repair specialists, we are happy to help you handle this and other home maintenance needs.

What is a Sump Pump?

This type of pump is specially designed to remove water that collects in and around your home. They are often wired to your homes electrical system and continuously pumps and directs water away from basements, crawlspaces and low-lying areas of your yard to other areas such as municipal storm drains. There are several types of sump pumps to choose from to suit your individual needs.

Why Use a Sump Pump

Why Use a Sump Pump?

Water that collects in your basement or crawl space can cause a lot of damage including mold growth, water damage and structural damage. Standing water in your yard can inhibit the healthy growth and appearance of your flowers, trees and shrubs. Water pools on your lawn can also act as breeding grounds for pesky mosquitoes. The installation of sump pumps will help alleviate these kinds of problems and ensure the health and functioning of your home and yard.

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