Why You Need A Spring Sprinkler Tune Up


Spring is Almost Here! Is Your Sprinkler System Ready?

Winter 2015 brought freezing temperatures and record setting snowfall to the the Dallas Fort Worth area.  If any water was left in your sprinkler system during the winter months then the freezing temperatures may have caused your system’s pipes, valves, fittings, sprinklers, pumps, and other components to be comprised.

Now is the time to fully test your sprinkler system and have a technician check and make sure all of your system components are working properly. You also need to have your sprinkler system adjusted prior to your spring planting.  Clean all nozzles adjust spray patterns and raise heads to accommodate last year’s landscape growth.

The protocol for initial spring start-up of your system is important. Damaged sprinkler heads and valves need to be replaced and the system needs to be recharged to avoid surge pressures that can burst fittings, heads and cause your sprinklers to blast out of the ground.  Any weakness in your sprinkler system, however miniscule, could produce a system failure.

broken-sprinkler-headOther things needed to be done in order to properly setup your system include the timing as well as the alignment and flow of your sprinkler heads so that your lawn and landscaping get adequate water coverage.

Water regulations may have changed for your area and this should be considered as well when setting the timing of your system.


Be sure to call Andy’s Sprinkler to have your sprinkler system checked, recharged and started properly this spring!