Why You Shouldn’t Overwater Your Lawn

A lush green lawn increases the curb appeal of your home and is a beautiful sight to behold. You need to water your grass regularly to keep it green, but too much water can cause serious problems. Monitor how much you water your grass to avoid problems associated with overwatering. Take absolute control of your watering sessions by enlisting the help of Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services.You Shouldn't Overwater Your Lawn

Flooded Lawns & Rot

The ground can only hold so much water, and when you put too much on your lawn, you flood your property. In addition to flooding your own lawn and leaving it soggy, you can also flood out your neighbors’ lawns and create tension.

The constantly wet conditions can lead to areas of dead turf, rot in the thatch, soggy soil that tears very easily, and shallow roots that die off quickly in the heat. None of those things are very attractive in a lawn.

Danger to Your Home

Another danger you may not have considered is the threat to your home. Soaked turf and soil leaves water with limited places to go. It may begin to press against your foundation and cause damage, like a slab leak. Protect your foundation by keeping the area immediately around your house as dry as possible with drip irrigation and by monitoring the water levels throughout the rest of the property.

Proper Watering Levels

One great benefit of an automatic sprinkler system is that you can carefully monitor how much water goes into the ground. A general rule of thumb is to water the grass deeply just one or two times a week. You should water to a depth of one inch to encourage grass roots to stretch deeper. The grass will become more tolerant to heat and disease, and you will save a substantial amount of water throughout the season.

You can also use drip irrigation for foundation plantings where you want to minimize the use of water and still encourage healthy plant growth.

Keep your grass green and lush by letting the professionals at Andy’s help you monitor and control the amount of water you use. With timed systems and rain sensors from Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting Services, you can rest assured that you will never overwater the grass again. Call us today to learn more about our sprinkler systems and how they can benefit your property.