You Don’t Need to Speak French to Install French Drains

French Drain Systems Protect Lawns and Landscaping

Do you have a soggy lawn or puddles of standing water in your landscaping? If you do, you may have mosquitos and your lawn will suffer as well.

Installing a French drain will help with this situation.  When you have a slope in your lawn and landscape you can be sure that water runoff will flow downhill by the quickest route, but if you have a flat lawn then there is no place for the water to go and so it remains at the lowest point of your yard and puddles, especially if the underlying soil is clay based. French drains collect and channel water away from low areas safely and efficiently.  Our area drainage company can easily diagnose the  issue for you and determine if a French drain is what you require and if you also need a sump pump.

The French drain is a slightly sloped trench, filled with pea size gravel surrounding perforated pipe and buried under ground. This system helps divert excess water away from your home’s foundation.

Install French DrainsThe French drain, how it works:

First off, we determine the areas of your yard where water is collecting and then we map out exactly where the French drain will be located and begin installation.  Once the French drain system is installed, the excess water will flow through the gravel and into the perforated piping away from your property. Water can be routed to run into drainage ditches or into the street.

The installation of a French drain can sometimes be complicated.  If it is not done correctly it can lead to chronic drainage problems.  Do it right the first time by hiring a professional technician from Andy’s Drainage!

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