Expert Sprinkler Repair in McLendon-Chisholm TX, Drip Irrigation, Drainage & Landscape Lighting Services in McLendon-Chisholm, TX

BestSprinkler Repair in McLendon-Chisholm TX – Irrigation, Lighting & Drainage Services.

Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting is widely revered throughout McLendon-Chisholm, TX, as the area’s top sprinkler system provider. We also repair and maintain sprinkler systems and irrigation systems. In fact, our services extend to drainage and landscaping as well. Our irrigation specialists perform sprinkler installation, maintenance, repairs, and additional work at an affordable rate and in a truly comprehensive manner. Sprinkler Repair in McLendon-Chisholm TX.

If your grass does not have a lush shade of green, you can benefit from a sprinkler system installed by Andy’s. We perform careful and precise installations to ensure your lawn is not completely destroyed during the installation. In fact, we even move irrigation lines when a new pool is installed or when another structure is added to the property.

If anything goes wrong with your sprinkler system down the line or if you simply need annual maintenance, lean on our team of professionals to get the job done right. We are familiar with all different types of sprinkler systems and their unique challenges. Whether your sprinkler system’s valves or nozzles are not working right or there are leaking heads, faulty wires, or other issues, our team will take care of them, ultimately preserving the health and beauty of your lawn. Contact us today to schedule service.

Top Sprinkler System Experts in McLendon-Chisholm, TX

Our McLendon-Chisholm, TX, sprinkler system gurus provide all the sprinkler system services you could possibly need. From system maintenance to system reroutes, repairs, installation, and beyond, we do it all. So don’t assume you have to leave your current irrigation system in place when adding a swimming pool, landscaping, an addition, or another structure to your property. The system can be rerouted so everything is installed exactly as desired. Furthermore, if the system’s components are aging and need replacement, we will handle that project as well.

Sprinkler systems are getting better as time progresses, yet they will not continue to function to perfection for decades. There will be a time when you need sprinkler system repair. Our McLendon-Chisholm, TX, sprinkler system team is here to perform the repairs on your behalf. In fact, some repairs are necessitated following particularly harsh weather. If you find wire damage, broken heads, a control system that does not work properly, or other issues, lean on us for repairs.

Your sprinkler system will also need maintenance. Instead of trying to figure out how to keep each component in tip-top shape, lean on our team for assistance. We inspect all aspects of sprinkler systems and perform the necessary maintenance on your behalf.

Upgrade to Drip Irrigation

Do not waste one more penny or one more drop of water with regular sprinklers. Drip irrigation will save you money as well as water. Above all, drip irrigation is favorable as it strategically waters grass, shrubs, landscaping, and other spaces with a slow delivery. Each drop provided by your drip irrigation system will be absorbed into the soil instead of remaining on the surface of the grass or foliage and evaporating. Drip irrigation systems send water straight to the ground so you don’t waste water through runoffs.

Expert Drainage Solutions in McLendon-Chisholm

If your lawn is soggy or if your property ends up with standing water, you need drainage solutions. Andy’s is here to install the best possible drainage system to clear water out of your McLendon-Chisholm property with the utmost efficiency.

  • French drains – A French drain installation involves placing a perforated tube underground to collect water from the subsurface and surface of the property. This is the best possible solution for lawns that have water puddles and are soggy with water.
  • Channel drains – Does your lawn or other large parts of your property have water that accumulates? A channel drain will certainly help. We install channel drains that use gravity to attract and subsequently divert surface water. This is made possible with the use of an underground trench. Such drains are commonly placed in driveways, around downspouts, and near pools.
  • Sump pumps – If your property does not drain properly, water will accumulate around the foundation, potentially causing structural damage to your home. The answer is to add a sump pump that collects all additional subsurface water, diverting it away from everything you love and value.
  • Catch basins – We install catch basins to accumulate water that is on the surface of your property, moving it down to subterranean piping. Catch basins also work to stop debris from moving down into drain pipes, ultimately eliminating clogging.

Professionally-Installed Outdoor Lighting

Wouldn’t it be nice if your property’s exterior were illuminated so you can see at nighttime and use the entirety of your property when you have friends and family over? The proper lighting also prevents burglars from targeting your property. An added bonus is the installation of artful lighting makes your landscaping look that much better. Meet with Andy’s lighting experts in McLendon-Chisholm and we will help you develop a plan for the design of your landscape lighting. Our illumination specialists also perform lighting system repairs and maintenance.

Andy’s Commitment to Excellent Customer Service – Sprinkler Repair in McLendon-Chisholm TX

You need and deserve a sprinkler, drainage, and lighting specialist that has surpassed the expectations of McLendon-Chisholm customers with regularity. Our fully licensed and insured team has been in business for more than three decades for good reason. We have earned the Super Service Award from Angie’s List, Home Services Review’s 5-star rating, and a Better Business Bureau rating of A+.

Reach out to Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage & Lighting today to learn more about our irrigation, drainage, and lighting services. We perform installation, maintenance, and repair throughout all of McLendon-Chisholm.



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