Expert Sprinkler Repair in Timberwood Park TX, Drip Irrigation, Drainage & Landscape Lighting Services.

Best Irrigation, Lighting & Drainage Services in Timberwood Park

Sprinkler, Drip Irrigation, Drainage & Landscape Lighting Services Timberwood Park, TXYour lawn needs a lot of care. You need water to help the grass and plants grow. You need drainage to prevent flooding and erosion when the rains are strong, and you need lighting to enjoy your lawn to the fullest. Sprinkler Repair in Timberwood Park TX.

Andy’s Sprinkler, Drainage, & Lighting offers services to help your Timberwood Park lawn look its best. We can design, install, maintain, and repair irrigation, lighting, and drainage systems for your lawn. We’ll transform your lawn care with systems that automate and perfect the chores you would otherwise have to do by hand. We offer state-of-the-art systems and solutions, and we can customize our work to make sure it’s perfect for your lawn.


Sprinkler Repair in Timberwood Park TX

Having the best sprinkler system in Timberwood Park requires a three-pronged approach. At Andy’s, the first prong is regular maintenance. Our maintenance schedules ensure that your system is regularly seen by experts. We can identify and prevent problems. It’s the best way to avoid trouble and costly repairs, and it can help you save big bucks over the years.

When maintenance is too late, sprinkler system repair forms the second prong. Whether your problem is a small leak or catastrophic failure, we can face it head-on. We repair sprinkler systems in Timberwood Park all the time, and we really have seen everything. When you want quick, efficient, and affordable repairs, Andy’s is here for you.

The last prong involves irrigation system reroutes. If you get a pool installed, have major landscaping work done, or have any other changes to your lawn, you may need your sprinkler system rerouted. We can discuss options with you, help you design improvements into the system, and then implement those designs. When your system has a better design, it promotes a healthy lawn that requires less work from you.

Upgrade to Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is ideal for trees, bushes, and most large plants. It’s a superior way to provide water to your thirstiest (and least thirsty) plants. By using a drip irrigation system on your Timberwood Park property, you can dramatically lower water usage without denying the plants the water they need. The systems will lower your utility bills and reduce your environmental impact.

Drip systems are also more durable and easier to maintain than high-pressure systems. The low pressure of the drip water supply puts minimal strain on the infrastructure, enabling it to last for a very long time.

Expert Drainage Solutions in Timberwood Park

When the rains keep coming, you need good drainage. It’s essential to every lawn in Timberwood Park, and Andy’s offers a range of drainage options that can be customized and perfected for any lawn.

  • Channel drains take advantage of naturally occurring contours and elevation changes in your lawn. They carry water underground, and they can handle enormous amounts of runoff. They’re great for preventing erosion and the formation of swamps in your lawn.
  • French drains offer an aesthetic alternative to channel drains. They still use trenches, underground piping and gravity to control water, but they look a lot nicer. The key to a French drain is the application of gravel and rock to fill the space, help control water, and give you options for how it all looks.
  • Catch basins can connect you to existing runoff infrastructure. We can add a basin at the curb or where it is needed and give your water a place to go when there is too much. Catch basins are particularly desirable because they require less investment on your part but can still handle very large volumes of water.
  • Sump pumps are ideal for low ground. When you can’t dig a drain to use gravity to your advantage, you can still control water and prevent flooding. We can help you pick the right pump for your lawn to make sure it has sufficient power to keep up with the weather.

Professionally Installed Outdoor Lighting

The element that turns a nice lawn into a masterpiece is the outdoor lighting. It’s practical in that it can let you see at night and deter would-be troublemakers, but there’s so much more. Outdoor lighting can provide the visual beauty that makes your lawn the envy of everyone.

At Andy’s, we offer comprehensive landscape lighting design in Timberwood Park. We can look over your property and help you determine where you want light to fall. We’ll craft a gorgeous arrangement that highlights the best your landscape has to offer and transforms it into a wonderland.

Of course we also offer professional installation for all of our lighting designs. Our team of experts can ensure that your lighting is installed safely and in a manner that is built to last. You won’t have to worry about heavy maintenance on your lighting systems when they’re installed correctly from the beginning.

The final component to perfect lighting is proper care. Our experts are available for routine maintenance and repair. We’ll keep your lights in great shape and handle any obstacles that arise over the years.

Andy’s Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

At Andy’s, we believe we can offer you better services than anyone else. Our entire company is devoted to providing you with the best possible experience. We have won awards from Angie’s List,, Good Contractors, Home Services Review, and the Better Business Bureau. Our customers stick with us because they know they won’t find a better experience anywhere.

Give us a call today. You can schedule an appointment and see what friendly, professional services can do for your Timberwood Park lawn.



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